A Musician on board The Ocean Mapping Expedition

A musician composes several weeks on board a scientific expedition on a sailing boat, then presents the music terra firma in an immersive live performance.


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How’s the earth doing? We’re sitting on a time bomb! Some choose to ignore or negate - which I don't think we have time left for. But as an artist it’s not always straightforward to include environmental questions in the creation process. .

ecology - The relationship between organisms and their surroundings.
eco - logical- To apprehend and comprehend the environment around us.
To perceive spatialized sound - a way to develop this ability.

I am a musician and music producer with a special interest for tones, space and perception. Along residencies and performances I explore psychoacoustics, creating with or without notes and their perception in the space around the listener. Sax Records is the label on which I release special editions of my musical work in a dedicated graphic world, and the blog where I present my current and upcoming projects. In 2016 I heard about a project blending acoustics and environment...

The Ocean Mapping Expedition is a 4-year sailing voyage around the world aboard the 33-metre-long ketch Fleur de Passion, to observe, understand and map the state of the oceans. The journey started in 2015, inspired by the expedition carried out by Magellan 500 years ago. It was initiated by a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland, the Pacifique Foundation, to question the relationship between mankind and the Earth and its resources, through scientific and socio-cultural programs. From a philosophical and ecological point of view, their "Magellan Manifesto" describes the ground thinking for this journey and proposes cues for reflection and discussion.

Fleur de Passion, a 33-meter long ketch on a 4-year journey around the globe

One of the scientific activities on board is to record sound under the sea, to map human influence and biodiversity on a never-seen-before scale over the oceans (in partnership with the Applied Bioacoustics Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona). As a mirror of the tradition during the era of great discoveries, Fleur de Passion has also welcomed on board graphic artists (cartoon drawers, painters) to illustrate this journey from an artist’s point of view. In Sweden, this tradition has been extended to non-graphic artists (musicians, sculptors, playwrights) during annual expeditions to the Arctic.

So the idea of making electro-acoustic music from the undersea sound recorded on board started growing in my mind. I contacted Fondation Pacifique and suggested adding a music residency to The Ocean Mapping Expedition: I'd embark several weeks on Fleur de Passion and create music inspired by her travels, to awaken public interest for our environment’s future in an unusual way. Everyone can follow this expedition under a new light, as experimental music invites itself in unexpected settings. For me it’s a unique opportunity to combine creativity and environmental conscience, and to bring together different disciplines, as I am a musician with a background in maths, sound engineering and graphic arts. It’s also an experiment on creating far away from the familiar context of the studio.

Phase 1, music composition: Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua
Phase 2, sound installation: Sweden, rest of the world

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